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Innovative.ERP is Windows 7 Certified

DIS provides a complete line of applications of enterprise software and solutions that aim to strengthen each sector of your enterprise.

Our solutions are based in a in-depth knowledge of the processes that drive your enterprise. Thus you can develop, take strategic decisions about your most important activities, gain bigger insight, reach closer to your customers and diminish your weaknesses. Because we know that above all it is your enterprise that counts.
For this reason in DIS we do not develop a general operational solution. Based on the fact that DIS has the executives with the longest experience in the area of enterprise software, you have the assurance for collaboration with those that understand your requirements.
Our solutions give you the insight to point out your weaknesses and convert your strengths into competitive advantage. You gain the ability to acknowledge new opportunities for growth and the flexibility to respond immediately to the requirements of a modern and intensely competitive environment. You can optimize your processes and better exploit your resources in order to develop the most optimal practices in the entire chain of your enterprise. 

The solution is... Innovative.ERP

The product is addressed to medium and large enterprises that wish an ERP system which is parameterized by key users, that implements sophisticated business scenarios and is developed using the most modern technological environments and platforms. On this system the enterprises can sustain their enterprise decisions and the strategies for all sectors of their commercial activities, by providing all internal departments (financial, commercial, production, control) all the essential tools for the planning, the management and the improvement of performance.



Vertical Markets:

  • Heavy Industry
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Pharmaceutical goods of
  • Foods and beverage
  • Chemicals
  • Clothing and Footwear
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Textile
  • Publications – Media
  • Food and paper
  • Services

Cutting edge technology

The product is developed on the EnCore platform TM (Enterprise application Core Framework). It combining the virtues of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) with the technological benefits of the.NET platform.

Some of it's key characteristics are:

  • Support of multiple physical and logical layers/tiers.
  • As a result, the applications that are developed with EnCore Framework can be installed and function either within a local network, or spread through a number of remote application servers that communicates over the WEB.
  • Easy and fast interoperability: The data, the operations and the services of application are easily accessible and exploitable from outside the application. This is achieved by leveraging technologies such as web services, Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation.
  • Productive User interface: In DIS we believe that every application should focus on the end user's needs. Our objective is not impressiveness but simplicity, ease of use and performance.
  • Easy customization: In DIS there is one thing we take for granted when we develop applications: That nothing can be taken for granted! The EnCore Framework gives the ability to intervene and modify the behavior of applications almost at every point and operation, from user interface up to the central enterprise operations.
  • DBMS Flexibility: due to the layered architecture, the support of multiple types of database servers is possible like Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Oracle and IBM DB2.

Basic features:

Consolidation of Results

  •   Multi Company
  •   Multiple Subsidiary companies
  •   Multiple warehouses
  •   Multiple Currencies
  •   Dynamic Adaptations
  •   MIS

 Sub systems

  •  Financial Management
  •  General Ledger
  •  Analytic Ledger
  •  Partners management
  •  Fix Assets
  •  Bank Notes
  •  Open Items
  •  Budget
  •  Cash Flow
  •  Report Generator

Commercial Management

  • Warehouse management
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • End year rebates


  • Main production data management
  • Shop floor control
  • Costing
  • MPS / MRP



  • Financial Reporting
  • Sales
  • Distribution


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