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Today’s retail landscape offers unprecedented opportunities alongside some daunting
challenges. Economic factors, the increasing choice in products and shopping formats, and
unparalleled access to information are fuelling today’s empowered shoppers, who expect more
from their retail experience.
It is also clear that the focus of the retail experience has expanded well beyond the walls of the
physical store and now includes everything from the retailer’s website and call center to
marketplaces and social networks—connected seamlessly as one experience. In other words,
omni-channel retail simply is retail today.
Market data highlights this multifaceted customer engagement, with more and more consumers
making an online purchase at least once a month; an increasing number of consumers looking
to Facebook for information on their favorite retailer before making a purchase; and retail
organizations wanting to expand and redefine their physical store locations to drive a more
direct and personalized brand experience.



How would today’s consumer describe this experience?

Personal. “The retailer knows who I am and deals with me as a person. Their product offering is
exactly what I’m looking for, and I get individual attention and special personalized offers. They
help me get the most out of my time and budget.” 

Seamless. “I can connect with the retailer wherever and whenever I want, on whatever device I
prefer. Whether in-store or on-line, I get the same great experience from a retailer who knows
me. The promotion from my favorite social site travels with me on my mobile device, and I can
easily redeem later.”

Differentiated. “The retailer makes it easy for me to get what I want at a good price. Their
people are helpful and efficient—they provide excellent customer service. They consistently do a
better job than other stores where I shop. I have the best overall experience here.”

The Dynamic Retailer

Thriving in this new retail reality means retailers need to be more connected, more empowered,
and more proactive than ever before. In a word, they need to be dynamic. And that means

  • Connected, to listen, learn, and respond across all channels with consistent, convenient

experiences, offering customers what they want, how, when, and where they want to

  • Personally Relevant, to increase productivity and customer service across a changing

global workforce, helping their most valuable asset—people—reach their full potential.

  • Agile & Opportunistic, to execute with insight by accessing critical information in realtime,

optimizing performance, anticipating trends, and capitalizing on opportunities.

From vision to reality

Microsoft has a rich history of providing platform software solutions to retailers around the
world. But their focus and expertise in the retail industry have matured considerably, thanks to
their strong consumer-focused brands and significant investment in business applications, and as
a retailer in their own right with the opening of our Microsoft Stores.
With R&D investment of US$10 billion annually, there is significant technology innovation to be
shared and leveraged across the entire Microsoft portfolio for retailers:

  • Applications—Microsoft Dynamics (POS, Merchandising, Multi-Channel & Store management,

Order & Supply Chain Management, Financials, CRM); Microsoft SharePoint; Microsoft Office;
Windows; Microsoft SQL Server; Microsoft Tag

  • Devices—Windows Mobile; Surface; Kinect; Windows computers and tablets
  • Deployment—Microsoft Services

Clearly, when it comes to retail Microsoft is “all in.”

Unlike the solutions offered by the competition - which have been designed with the problems of the past in mind- Microsoft Dynamics AX for retail is a modern, unified product whch focuces on retailers current problems and offers significant competitive advantages for your shop's future.

With Microsoft Dynamics for Retail you will be able to:

Connect to customers. Omni-channel capabilities are delivered out of the box—including fully
integrated on-line, storefront, and mobile POS—to deliver personalized convenience and
transparency across any channel or device. Now customers can buy, pick up, return, or exchange
on their own terms. And support for social and mobile commerce means you can offer
promotions, discounts, or coupons targeted to devices or social networks and create new
opportunities for customer engagement.

Empower employees. Provide rich product details and display custom content, while creating
and managing orders at the POS, giving sales associates all the information they need to make
the most of face-to-face time with customers. Give your employees relevant information
through Role Centers—dashboards that deliver a succinct set of information pertinent to each
individual user—so they can make accurate, timely, and relevant decisions.

Execute with insight. A single omni-channel management engine for all channels reduces
complexity and delivers the complete insight retailers need when it comes to being proactive in
anticipating trends. Meanwhile, powerful merchandising functionality puts control into the
retailer’s hands, and unlimited categories and hierarchies make it possible to undertake
assortment and replenishment to best meet customer demand accurately and efficiently.

Microsoft Dynamics for Retail equips the Dynamic Retailer with technology and features that
you can use to drive your retail vision across channels, locally or globally. Bringing together POS,
omni-channel management, store operations, merchandising, supply chain, and more in an end to-end
solution delivers full visibility across your entire business operation while empowering
your users.

What’s more, the flexible architecture of Microsoft Dynamics for Retail makes it possible to
integrate yesterday’s stand-alone systems into a single solution that drives growth and fosters
those all-important customer relationships.

Feature list:

Consolidated store management:

  • Consolidated management of POS terminals, operational profiles, screen layouts and user privilleges.
  • Shared business rules among stores and the ERP, powerful data replication accross the organization with on time updates of stock, sales, payments, cards and loyalty points .

Versatile POS:

  • Role tailored design
  • Off-line operation
  • Optimized user interface for impoved productivity and customer service
  • Powerful POS operations such as voucher management, returns, deliveries and stock countings

Powerful merchandizing:

  • Improve profitability through flexible price and discount policies, mix & match and 1+1 scenarios.
  • Optimization of purchasing and replenishment
  • Powerful reporting that faciliates assortment planning, product mix, location and cusomer specific pricing.
  • Integrated color, size, style and custom dimensions management.
  • Cross docking provisioning procedures between stores.

Omni channel support:

  • Catalogs and promotions on multiple channels
  • Empowering customer experience with multiple payment options, cross channel payments, mix & match payments, online orders and in store returns.
  • Minimize TCO through integrating with systems that implement critical payment practices.

Availability and scalability:

  • Swift adjustment to changes in the enterprize
  • Scale as your business grows
  • Easy management from different locations

Payment compatibility and hardware support:

  • Support for OPOS standards
  • PCI standards compliance for data security

Protect your investment:

  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution.
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft technologies such as Project server, Workflow foundation and Unified communications.
  • Maximized security, reliability and scaling through integrating with SQL Server.

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